Some Notes regarding this film
This film was a collaboration with NY based Organism for Poetic Research for their show entitled "Light Soluble Mediums." The OPR produced a broadsheet containing a series of different writings that were used to inspire imagery for a short film. Some of the pieces of text I chose from the broadsheet include: "What is the geometry of a sensation?" and "flat shapes of purple stillness flatness" and "a tube and a tube and a tube lifting" and "my grandma was not interested in movies, but the culture and atmosphere of the drive-in."
The grandma referenced in the broadsheet is the grandma of Rachael Wilson, one of the authors of the OPR broadsheet. In her writing, Rachael makes a series of sincere statements about her grandmothers life. In this film, I created a hybrid grandmother that is half Rachael Wilson's grandma and half my own grandma. And so, the grandmother in this film is a kind of composite between at least two different women, as remembered by their grandchildren. Although both of the grandmothers have passed, this film attempts to honor a small fraction of their multitudes.